What To Do In Chat As A Giver or Requester

Chat is your main point of communication with other users. 

As a giver - please select a winner from those who have sent you a request for the item. Please arrange where and when to meet so that the requester can plan for the pick-up. If the product is already promised to another user then please let other requesters down gently. Once the item has exchanged hands, click on the purple 'Close item' button in the chat header to close your item. Closing an item will remove the item's listing from search and close all chats related to that item. 

As a requester - politely ask the giver for the item. If the product is still available then arrange for a pick-up location with the giver. We recommend checking the map on the product page if you want to get an idea of where the product pick-up might be. If you are not comfortable with the giver's selected pick-up location then we recommend suggesting a more public place near the giver like a park or cafe.  When the product has successful exchanged hands, the giver will close the item and all chats relating to that item will also be closed. 

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