How do I take beautiful pictures?

Beautiful items not only ensure more attention but also more activity on it. We'll provide you with the most important tips & tricks:


Display the complete item

Especially on the first picture we recommend showing the complete item since other users will see this picture at first glance when browsing through Gively thereby directing the attention to your item. On the following pictures, you can show more details.

A simple background

Preferably use a simple and bright background.

Avoid blurry images

Other users want to be able to view the items closely and in detail.

Use daylight

Take the pictures in daylight - this will highlight the item much better.

Do not use any filters

Using Gively is easy and that's how it should stay. Your products are beautiful, even without a filter :)

Bring your products into shape

Your products look exceptionally beautiful when washed, ironed and on a hanger.

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