What can I offer on Gively, and what is forbidden?

You can offer almost everything that has made you happy in the past or that you don't need in the future. Though, at Gively we are always focussed on keeping our users safe, and on operating within the law.


You can find a small overview of forbidden items:

  • Any item illegal in the given jurisdiction

  • Offers with explicit sexual content (pornography, sex toys etc.)

  • Weapons (incl. air/soft guns, paintball guns, fireworks)

  • Items with visible or invisible symbols of unconstitutional organizations (e.g. Nazi memorabilia)

  • Items that are not (yet) in your possession (e.g. pre-orders)

  • Narcotics

  • Medical products

  • Tobacco products (with or without nicotine, incl. liquids for e-cigarettes)

  • Alcohol

  • Counterfeits (i.e. replicas, clones, copies etc.)

  • Any living organism

  • Food and other perishable goods

  • Media and other intangible goods


Any items not contained on this list may be removed from listing, at the discretion of the Gively moderation team.

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