What, and what not to Freecycle

Clothes are the most popular items to freecycle, and has been so for centuries. Just about every style and size will find a home, especially if you post them online. Freecycle trousers, shirts, jackets, t-shirts: just about everything will be picked up.

There are, though, some rules of engagement. Think about this if you were receiving the clothes - what would your minimum standards be? Make sure the items aren’t torn, stained or overly frayed. Some minor marks aren’t a problem, but it is always worth noting these out within your online description of the item. Items such as duvets, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags and damaged mattresses are often not accepted, so expect to find it challenging to offload these items.

Books are often on the list of things that we most want to get rid of. In some ways this is great news, as many of them make a fantastic gift or will have great use for someone else. It’s worth posting about every book you can think of, as there’s likely to be someone out there that will be looking for it, or that would benefit from it.

We’ve all been there. Our couch has run its course in our current dwelling, but the thought of getting rid of it is so daunting. Again, this is where freecycling can come to the rescue. Those looking for a new item for their living room are likely to be glad to arrange pick-up to save a chunk of cash they would otherwise spend buying new furniture.

Throwing away electronics always seems to feel like an awful waste. Not only that, in some places it is illegal to throw certain items in the trash. TVs, laptops, computer monitors and other electronic instruments are often not allowed to be dumped in the trash, as they can contain toxic materials. All the above are often welcomed by other households. They don’t even necessarily need to be working (though they will obviously be picked up far quicker in working order!). Many people can use parts of mobile phones, printers, monitors and more.

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