Introducing the art of reuse: Nirit Levav-Packer

We are always on the hunt for interesting ways in which environmental sustainability can be enhanced. The journalists at Gively trawl cities, events, shops, the news, the twittershpere and more in search of great new ways to elevate sustainability to the platform that it deserves.

One of the key enablers is art. Art captures the imagination, showing how the beautiful, bizarre, thoughtful, controversial and outrageous can be moulded using sustainable sources, raising awareness and bringing sustainability into more conversations. Nirit Levav-Packer is one of those artists.

A plethora of screws, bearings, pegs, bicycle chains and old toys make up the sculptures, works and objects that Levav-Packer creates. These works have a number of inspirations, largely passions of the artist. The focus is primarily on sustainability and women empowerment.

Ugly and industrial items such as bicycle chains and nails are elegantly conjoined to form vibrant works. Levav-Packer’s main focus is women and femininity, and animals (especially dogs). The artist has a gift of giving these pieces the feeling that they may simply come to life - woman, dog or spider. Through her work, one can really sense the excitement of that Levav-Packer draws on in her work. These pieces vary from pocket-sized to room-sized. We are a big fan of the focus on sustainability, and the symbolic message that such harsh individual materials can be combined and repurposed to form something beautiful.

Levav-Packer’s work has been exhibited in New York, London, Miami and Israel to name a few. Her range of work breaks through boundaries and shifts between genres, including contemporary and commercial art (sculptures and murals), jewellery, Judaica, furniture, light fixtures, public sculpture and more. In the words of Levav Packer: “As an artist, I wanted to take part in celebrating the Eurovision which Israel is hosting; as one creating with materials and out of the joy of creating, the image that sprang to my mind is that of Netta Barzilai made entirely of toys”.

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