Start your freecycle efforts with these useful tips

Many of us believe it’s time to delete news apps: “Climate emergency”… “Fractured communities”… “Haven’t been this gloomy since 2011”…

Luckily there’s a solution (at least in part!) to all of the above. There are those among us that feel the urge to tackle this growing sense of discontent, but we don’t quite know how. How on earth could one person tackle such a plethora of fundamental crisis’? Why not just bury one’s head in the proverbial sand? Here’s how: you can freecycle!

Periodically, we all typically try to downsize and get rid of items that are no longer wanted or needed, which can generate a lot of waste. Just throwing them away is becoming harder and harder, as the list of environmental issues grows longer and longer. To avoid these unwanted items meeting their abrupt end, there are a growing number of freecycling options out there for us.

Giving is great for well-being

The first, and most convenient way of finding a new home for your old belongings is to post them online. There are a number of websites that provide free postings to give away or sell items, including on Gively. Quite often people will be happy to absorb the cost of picking up larger items (fridges, tables, mattresses) from your home, avoiding you hauling the item across the town/countryside!

Taking your used clothes and/or furniture down to the local vintage/thrift store is another way of finding a new home, but the vendor will likely only accept the items if they believe they can make a small profit from them.

Today there are often numerous donation boxes dotted around towns and cities. Though for many of these boxes it isn’t always clear where these are located. Ask your local council where these boxes are located, or your local supermarket.

Freecycling isn’t just about giving of course. You can help to be part of the movement by acquiring your next outfit, or that next centrepiece for your living room. With the popularity of freecycling growing, you're more likely than ever to find 'hidden gems' that got boost your wardrobe or your living room.

Gively is an online marketplace where users can give and request items for free. Our aim is to make giving mainstream, and to save millions of items from landfill.

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