The following advice applies to the UK. If using Gively in the UK, please ensure you follow local Government guidance at all times.

Can I share with my neighbours during the coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, sharing on Gively can continue, but it must be done safely and in compliance with government guidelines. More below.

How can I share safely?

As a reminder, 

  • All pickups must be no contact pickups. See below for details

  • You must maintain a minimum of 2m distance from others wherever possible 

  • Do not take public transportation

  • Whilst there are no restrictions on trips outside your home in England, in other parts of the UK and worldwide, you can only leave your home for essential supplies and one daily outdoor exercise



  • Designate a no-contact pickup. It's just like when you set your delivery instructions to 'hide in a safe space' (except you’re hiding your items for requesters to collect)

  • Bundle items into a clean bag and add/staple a note with the collector's name. Ask the requesters to leave the bag behind if you don’t have enough bags

  • Leave items out shortly before the requester is scheduled to arrive

  • If you have added multiple items ensure two requesters aren’t scheduled to arrive at the same time so they don’t risk bumping into each other

  • Ideally, use a designated Gively pickup box, with a lid, which you can put in your safe space

  • Add a personal note (like this) to the requester - it's a great way to keep up the spirit and they'll love it! :-)


For requesters...

  • Give the person you’re picking up from a precise arrival time so they can set items out in advance in order to ensure social distancing rules are complied with 

  • Arrive at the time you indicated, so items are not left outside unsupervised and you don’t risk bumping into the adder or another requester

  • If items are left in a bag, please leave the bag behind so it can be reused by the adder 

  • Only take bags/items with your name on them, and if in doubt don't collect 

  • Consider leaving a personal thank you note - a little human touch goes a long way in these trying times!


Hygiene guidance

By following hygiene guidelines you can minimise the risk to yourself and your community:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this as a matter of routine for at least 20 seconds

    • Before and after handling food, and especially after being in a public place, blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing

    • Wash before and after setting items out/handling items

    • Wash before and after picking items up/bringing items home

  • Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands thereafter


Should I wear a mask when giving/ receiving items?

Masks can help but are only effective when used in combination with frequent hand washing or sanitising.


Should I wear gloves when giving/ receiving items?


You can choose to wear gloves, however, this does not replace the need to thoroughly wash hands at critical points such as handling items.

I have someone I am in close contact with has developed symptoms/ has been diagnosed with coronavirus, should I use Gively?

  • You must self-isolate for 14 days

  • Please make sure to let anyone who brings you items to leave them in a safe space for you at your home

  • We would greatly appreciate it if you can contact any user you have shared with in the 2 days prior to developing symptoms. If you cannot locate the user, please contact us and we will identify and inform those users.


How do I know if another Gively user has symptoms of coronavirus?

You can ask other Gively users if they are feeling unwell. Please understand this may be a sensitive subject and should be approached with compassion.

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