Avoiding fraud attempts

To ensure a secure process during your give or gain, we highly recommend that you never carry out a financial transaction directly with the individual you are dealing with. We will not be able to refund you. As we are a free exchange platform, we do not offer a payment platform to facilitate this.


While we try our best to prevent any attempts at fraud on Gively, users with bad intentions can sometimes make it through our safety measures. Here are the most common attempts to defraud honest users and how to avoid them:


Communication outside of Gively platform: As we can judge a case only by the communication visible on our platform, avoid communicating via SMS, WhatsApp or similar external methods, even if a user tries to direct your exchange off the Gively platform. We offer all the necessary tools to stay in touch with a minimal exchange of sensitive information.


Unrealistic offers (too good to be true?): Especially when it comes to the latest electronics or highly sought-after fashions items, fraudulent givers may offer these for free, or with a ‘post and packaging fee’. Once again, never accept a price from an individual through our platform, however small.


If you feel unsafe during a transaction, please report your partner to us via the flag in your chat. Every report we receive will be reviewed individually by our dedicated team and appropriate action will be taken.

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