Gively is an online marketplace where anyone can give and get items for free.


How Gively Works

  • Register an account using your email, Gmail or Facebook account.

  • Tap the green plus button in the bottom menu to give an item.​

  • Use the magnifying lens icon to find something you want.

  • Request an item to talk to the owner and arrange the collection. 

  • Remember to say thank-you after receiving your item.


Our mission is to make Giving mainstream and stop millions of items going to landfill.


By sharing more of the stuff you no longer need, together we can stop so much waste going to landfill.


Giving away your unwanted stuff not only gives you more space, but it also makes someone else feel amazing.


Sometimes giving away stuff can be hard, our goal is to make it super easy for you to give quickly and simply.


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"You can find anything...I needed a shelving cabinet and managed to find a suitable one. Reuse, recycle, reduce waste, no cost. Win win.." (Peter)

"Wanted to declutter my house and found this app to help. It's been so easy to use - love it" (Lisa_M88)

"Great idea and a brilliant app, very easy to use" (nathh198913)

"Just gave away some old shoes and shirts to a neighbour I would not have met normally. Quick and easy clear out." (Angrypants46)

"Such a great app!! So easy to use & such genius idea! This is just perfect for busy people that need to create space & peace of mind." (Fairy_03_)

"Easy to use, helps the environment and saves me a trip to the tip" (Jamie)

"This is incredible. Wow. Great work!!" (Melissa)

"Works great, just got my first item home and I'm really happy to be able to reuse and help the environment. Obviously love that it was free too!." (Phlsctt)


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