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Give away stuff

you don't want.

Find stuff you do.


Launched in London!

Sharing is caring: By sharing more of the stuff you no longer need, together we can stop so much waste going to landfill.

Decluttered home = Decluttered mind: Giving away your unwanted stuff not only gives you more space, but it also makes someone else feel amazing.

Make it easy, take it easy: Sometimes giving away stuff can be hard, our goal is to make it super easy for you to give quickly and simply.

What is Gively?

Gively makes it super easy to find and give second-hand items for free. If you have clutter around your home that you no longer need, you can quickly upload an item and arrange for someone to pick it up, wherever and whenever that suits you. Likewise, you can get awesome items for free by requesting and picking them up.

From books to bowler hats, tables to tops, keyboards to kids stuff. Whatever it is, you can give it on Gively.

Why Gively?

We now consume 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year, 400% more than just two decades ago. Sadly, more and more of these clothes and other items are forced into landfill.

One reason for this waste is that it can be difficult to actually give your stuff away easily. Online notice boards are clunky and time consuming and donation boxes can be few and far between.

With this in mind we created Gively to be super easy to use, great for the environment and lightning fast to give your stuff away.


Download Gively now on the iOS and Android app stores.